Braces On!

I’ve been a long time hating my teeth – in fact there isn’t a time when I remember not hating them (which is pretty sad when you consider a very young me unable to smile properly). The deep hatred for my teeth has only been matched by my deep yearning for braces which, until recently, I’ve not been able to afford.

Finally, at 39 years old, I have found myself with just enough disposable income to cover the cost of braces and, this morning, I’ve gone for it!!

Photos were taken, moulds made, advice given and finance applied for. Within an hour I was in the ‘hotseat’ having ceramic brackets glued to my teeth and wires attached (I chose In-Ovation C braces). As soon as my lips were free of the rubber ring which pushed them away from my teeth during the gluing process they slipped back over what used to be flat, shiny teeth and encountered what felt like a hundred tiny lego bricks. Panic made my heart flutter as I started to imagine I must look like a rugby player with mouth guard inserted. My top lip especially just didn’t seem able to fit over my teeth anymore!

For someone acutely aware of their teeth (and their lips and their chin and, well every part of their face to be honest) this was just another thing to focus on, to despise and hate about my appearance.

But what could be done now? The brackets were attached, the wire in place and the finance set up. I have 18 months to sit this out, to do my best to get used to them and wait for the wonderful day when they come off.


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