Eating – a whole new challenge!

OK – so I don’t know why I hadn’t properly thought about this before BUT eating has now become something of a mini-adventure every time I try to a) put food in my mouth and b) try to chew it sufficiently to swallow it!

I tried chips and mushy peas first (chips are a good treat when you’ve done something brave/stupid and feel the need for some comfort). The peas were great, not too many issues there, but the chips!! Even as soft as they were I didn’t feel I could cut them small enough to cope with them. For the first time ever I didn’t enjoy my chips!

I drank water throughout (as advised) and immediately brushed my teeth afterwards.

Tea-time wasn’t much better – mushrooms (note to self, cut them even smaller), vegan quorn burger (remove breadcrumby skin) and mashed potato (my new best food – by a long chalk). The eating took ages and the chewing was virtually non-existent (sorry stomach acid, you’re going to have to do more work than normal cause my teeth aren’t helping any more – they’re on sabbatical!). I had a small glass of cider then up to brush my teeth again (as well as teepee the wires and finish with mouthwash). What grossed me out was the huge chunk of mushroom that was lodged ‘somewhere’ and which my brushing dislodged – see earlier note about chopping mushrooms into tiny weeeeeeeny pieces in future!

So – what’s best to eat and not eat when you have top and bottom wire braces. The internet (that always reliable knowledge base!) says this (honestly – who eats pens?!)

foods card


2 thoughts on “Eating – a whole new challenge!

  1. Can I add the wonderful chocolate Reisen to the do not list (pulled off the back ring around one of my teeth eating those) and pain au chocolat for the morning after a wire tightening.

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