Day 2 – Dos and Don’ts

Hi folks!

Well, I’m nearly at 24 hours with braces and the lower ones are pretty much settled. If I’d just had those I’d be waxing lyrical about how quickly I’ve become accustomed etc. However, the top ones are…shall we say, a little LESS settled. I’m still feeling like I’m lifting my lip over aforementioned braces every time I open and close my mouth but, I’ve been assured that this will feel better in time. Roll on time!

SO – it transpires that they’re a bit of a bitch to upkeep – eating adventures aside. The wire is fragile and food conspires against you too. Cleaning is imperative but – thankfully – I like a bit of a routine so I’m sort of enjoying that part of it. For those newbies with braces here are the golden rules of cleaning:

  • Make sure you brush your teeth after every meal – including lunchtime (I’m planning on making up a ‘mini-kit’ to take to work with me). As you shouldn’t be snacking in between meals this means your teeth will always be clean! Splendid
  • Don’t use Sensodyne Pronamel or GC Tooth Mousse (I have no idea why not but I’m not going to argue with the specialists!)
  • Angle your brush down then up (rather than head on) so your brushing the brackets as well as your teeth
  • Use TePe brushes (the yellow one is the best) for brushing between the brackets and cleaning the wire
  • Use a good flouride mouthwash in between times rather than after brushing (again, not sure of the rationale behind this but there you go)

A couple of other things to bear in mind (non-cleaning based):

  • Check your brace every day and if anything is loose, missing or broken phone your orthondontist straight away
  • Avoid chewing pens, pencils and fingernails – this may be a good time to break some of those lingering childhood habits!
  • Use dental wax on any ‘sticky out bits’ on your braces which are rubbing
  • Use pain relief if your teeth or surrounding areas are sore

Many thanks to Lincoln Orthodontics for the basis of the advice above.


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