Day 3 – a little bit of pain

Good morning everyone!

2nd morning waking up with my braces and, for a few minutes at least, they were feeling a little less alien in my mouth. However, halfway through eating (well sucking really) my overnight oats I decided to try more of a chewing action and got a ‘sharp’ reminder how close my brackets are to the tender insides of my cheeks! Yeowch! So – for now at least – any serious chewing is off the menu.

I think this is the first time that I’ve actually felt any pain with my braces. The lower ones are fine but the upper (especially the outer brackets) are starting to rub. I’ve been assured that my mouth will adapt to become some kind of asbestos anti-rub miracle but I fear that may be someway off.

One of the lovely ladies at the Lincoln Orthodontic Centre told me about her experiences with braces and said that, 4 days in, she found herself sat on the stairs crying to her husband that she wanted her braces off! He managed to convince her otherwise, she stuck with it and now she has great teeth. I really must remember this and stick with it (I haven’t really got any other choice).

I must admit I have a new found respect for any teenagers with braces. It’s hard enough having them when you’re an adult (it’s honestly one of the bravest things I’ve ever done) but to have them when you have the pressures of School and the potential cruelty of other kids – amazing – I salute you all!

OK – I’m off to get some painkillers – same time tomorrow?? 😉


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