Things I can and can’t do…additional

Two weeks from “teeth interruptus day zero” and I’m ready for an updated “Can/Can’t Do” listing:

Things I Can’t Do:

  • Purse my lips (believe me – you do it more than you think!)
  • Say a convincing ‘P’
  • Spit out mouthwash without dribbling
  • Eat with a spoon bigger than a teaspoon
  • Whistle (although I couldn’t do that brilliantly before to be fair)
  • Chew – though that possibly has more to do with some resin that was put on my back teeth to stop me biting my braces  (I’m literally swallowing everything straight down – sorry stomach)
  • NEW ADDITION: Bite sellotape when wrapping presents (this was raised by a fellow brace wearer and tested by me tonight – affirmative – sellotape biting is no longer viable!)
  • NEW ADDITION: Eat small grains (such as bulgur wheat, quinoa etc ) as they all get so wrapped round my teeth I feel like I’m going to cry!
  • NEW ADDITION: Take clothes tags off with my teeth (I shouldn’t have been doing it anyway so it’s not such a bad thing)


Things I Have Eaten (relatively easily):

  • Jacket potato and hummus (no skin)
  • Soup (blended) with tiny bits of soaked bread
  • Risotto (but eschew the peas next time – far too tricky!)
  • Overnight oats
  • Weetabix
  • Smoothie
  • Sorbet
  • NEW ADDITION: Cake WITH ice-cream!
  • NEW ADDITION: Falafel (if crumbled in soup)
  • NEW ADDITION: Jelly! Yay! Who doesn’t like jelly? (For my US readers – jello)



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