Braces on holiday!

So – we’re nearly a month in to the braces adventure and my teeth and I are getting used to the new routines and restrictions that the ceramic brackets have brought to my daily life.

Well – I thought we were used to it until…da da da daaaaah….a 3 day mini-break in Whitby came up where the normal rules of daily life do not apply! Routine shmoutine says the 3 day mini-break. You’re on your holidays and braces be damned! 😉

So, what issues crop up when you (and your braces) are on holiday?


  • Finding ‘braces friendly” food (even harder when you’re vegan I can tell you!) because you can’t just take the food home and blend it!
  • Having to massively cut things up in public (elegance and dignity go out the window – see evidence below!)
  • Teeth cleaning after eating (I have my travel kit BUT you’ve also got to find somewhere relatively private, and up to your own exacting hygiene standards, with a sink – and a decent plughole – so you can have a good brush and spit out of all the food that’s hidden itself round your back teeth!)



Evidence: Tea-cake made edible by excessive slicing!


  • Because you’re on holiday you can eat chips and mushy peas as often as you like – and they’re lovely and soft (best chips in Whitby – and the only ones not fried in beef dripping – Robertsons)!
  • Ring doughnuts – soft, melt in the mouth and ‘sea-sidey’ 🙂
  • I discovered a Cornish pasty (with the crust cut off) is a very ‘easy to eat’ addition to the ‘braces-friendly’ food list


All in all holidays are totally do-able BUT a little bit of foresight and preparation won’t go amiss. Think about where you’re going to clean your teeth after eating (I confess there were a couple of times where I just had to wait and do it later) and also what kind of food you might be ordering when you eat out.

Happy holidays brace wearing buddies!



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