Respect the braces!

Hi folks!

It’s been a while since my last post and that’s really because I’m getting very settled with my braces and not much happens on a daily basis that warrants sharing.

However, I thought I should give you newbie brace wearers a heads up about complacency. When I first got braces (and it wasn’t really that long ago) I was forever cleaning my teeth, being very mindful of what I was eating, taking things slow – being careful.

Now, I’ve realised, I’m far less diligent. I do brush my teeth after I eat BUT I’m not racing up to the bathroom a few minutes after swallowing the last bite (or stressing out in town because I can’t find a decent sink to spit in!) I sometimes wait an hour or more before venturing to the nearest sink for teeth cleaning duties. I’ve also started eating larger bites of food (which inevitably get stuck all round my braces) and speeding things up in general.

While this has made things feel a bit more normal I’m not entirely convinced I’m treating my teeth/braces with the care they deserve SO, starting tomorrow, I’m going to find a balance between my current lacksidaisical (is that a word? And if it is, is THAT how you spell it?!) attitude and the near paranoid anguish of those first few days.

I love that I’ve become more accustomed to my braces (although some days – like today – they feel bigger in my mouth than others?!) but I must remember that they need some special care and attention to do their job properly and that, ultimately, we’re all after the same goal – a beautiful smile!

Respect the Braces folks! 😉




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