There one minute – gone the next!

Hi folks! This time next week I’ll be able to blog about my first visit to the Orthodontist since having my ‘brackety, bracey braces’ attached (strangely excited to see what happens and what they say). Until then though I have another teeth/mouth related anecdote to share with you.

Last Friday I woke up to a strange sensation in my mouth – the feel of my braces, which had become almost normal – suddenly felt alien and they seemed far too big. Very quickly a sore started on the inside of my left cheek that the wire of the braces kept nagging at every time I moved my mouth (to eat, speak or even smile). This was the first time I’d had any real pain with my braces and I was really worried. Things had moved in my mouth and now the braces were in a position that would hurt until they moved again. Within 24 hours the ulcer was so bad that I couldn’t even twitch my mouth without pain. I was at work and had to communicate so I ended up talking through gritted teeth! What to do??

A trip to Boots for advice on ulcers (and some more orthodontic wax) resulted in finding a fantastic spray called alcoclair. Bonjela never works for me but this stuff is great. Just a few hours after using it (and then a good nights sleep) the ulcer had gone right down and, mercifully, the wire was no longer catching on my skin.


I have no idea what changed – why my braces went from comfortable to uncomfortable then back to comfortable again within 48 hours BUT I’m glad I found a solution in case it happens again (and I have new found sympathy for those braces wearers who struggle much more with ulcers and sore – kudos!)



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