Hey folks!

It’s been ages since I last posted on my blog (which is a good sign as it means that my braces haven’t been pulling focus till now)! However, today (for seemingly no reason at all) the last bracket on the right of my top teeth is REALLY rubbing the inside of my cheek. Now why would it do that?

My braces have been on for nearly 4 months – I would have assumed that any rubbing that was going to happen would’ve happened by now (especially at the back where there hasn’t been that much movement). So why?

It’s actually a blessing for any family and friends as it only really hurts when I talk – so I’ll be pretty quiet till either a/ I develop tougher skin there or b/ something else moves and it stops rubbing. Either will do!

Apart from that I can report that things are going well with my braces. I’m slightly bored of them (and having to remind myself to watch what I eat, and clean after every meal) BUT the changes are so clear that I know it’s all going to be worth it!

Oh – and I’ve discovered that there’s a solidarity between brace wearers! If I see an adult wearing braces it’s a great conversation starter – “Ah, a fellow brace wearer! How goes it?” (It seems it brings the Victorian out in me too!!) 😉



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