Another set of wires = “throbby” teeth

Hey folks!

Yes – it’s that time again. 4 1/2 months after 1st installation and it’s time for another visit to Lincoln Orthodontics and another set of wires.

I’ll be honest with you, it’s not the most pleasant experience (there’s a bit of ‘pressure’ and a couple of slightly alarming ‘snipping’ moments as the ends of the wires are tidied up) BUT the Orthodontist, Emily, and her assistant were very sweet today, always checking in, telling me what they were doing and making sure I was okay (which I was).

The actual appointment itself is fine in the main. It’s encouraging to hear the orthodontist say that things are looking good and going well. It’s the afterwards that’s a bit…shall we say…challenging. My teeth (and me!) had clearly got used to things being comfortable and easy. This should’ve alerted me to the fact that maybe my teeth weren’t moving anymore – which really isn’t what you want when you’re trying to affect change in the mouth area 🙂

Of course, now the new wires are in, my teeth, so used to the easy life and thinking it was all over (fools!) have suddenly remembered what it’s like to be pulled against their will. So they’re fighting back a little bit and giving me some aggro (rude!) There’s just a general throbbing at the moment (which I know will lessen – as it has before) until I eat or brush my teeth then I get a real “hoo-ha” twinge! So – it’s back to tentative, sensitive eating and being extra careful with things like nuts and other tough, chewy, crunchy things (ah, mashed potato – my old friend!)

Another 10 weeks before my next appointment and the next possible wire change (and a braces style ‘Groundhog Day’) 😉

Endgame folks – endgame!!


Disclaimer: image is: a/ not me and b/ not accurate! (I’m just being daft!)


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