Getting closer – maybe 12 weeks closer!

It’s been a fair wee while since I last updated as the braces are so much a part of my life that they barely pull focus anymore. However, I do always blog when I’ve had an appointment at the fantastic Lincoln Orthodontic Centre – and today I had what could be one of my last appointments!

After just 10 months my teeth are really close to being ‘done’. The top row are tantalisingly close – with just some tiny gaps to close – but the bottom row still looks to me like it has a way to go with a socking great gap on one side. Still – the experts have said that they should be ‘cooked’ in 12 weeks time and who am I to disagree?!** 😉

**To be fair they have said that if I’m not happy with them in 12 weeks then we keep going till I am – how cool is that?

There’s a fair bit of ‘mouth furniture’ now – wires of various thicknesses, hooks and elastics – it’s ALL going on (which means even more care needs to be taken with cleanliness and hygiene).


NOTE: Despite all the ‘scaffolding’ you can see that my teeth have REALLY moved! Yay!

So – my next appointment is on May 22nd at 13.30pm and, hopefully, these braces will be coming off! Can you believe that?! The appointment will take an hour and they’ll take impressions of my ‘new’ teeth for making a retainer. I’ll go back a few days later to try out the retainer then I won’t be back at Lincoln Orthodontic Centre for 6 months.

Of course it could be that the gaps don’t close as well as anticipated and the braces need to stay on longer BUT I’d say we’re very nearly there! 🙂 French crusty bread and a crisp apple – you will soon be mine!


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