Don’t be afraid to say…

So, a couple of weeks ago (it was getting closer to my ‘braces are coming off!’ day – May 22nd) I noticed that there was still a noticeable gap between two teeth on the bottom right of my jaw. Experience had shown me that the bulk of the movement usually happened in the first few weeks after a new wire so…I started to get concerned. What if the gap stayed that ‘gappy’? What if I went for my ‘braces off’ appointment and they couldn’t take off my braces? What if..? What if..?

Before I got myself into too much of a whirl I though I’d send a photo of the aforementioned ‘gap’ to Lincoln Orthodontic Centre with a “what do you think I should do?” plea.

Within a few minutes of the Centre being open and them receiving my email/photo I had a phone call from one of the lovely receptionists there asking me to come at my earliest convenience so they could sort out the gap. Because of my time restrictions it would be another week before I could get there but when I did things were sorted out really quickly.

Apparently the wire was jammed so Dr Clare took out the old one (removing unnecessary elastics along the way) and fitted a new one. I’m pleased to report that, just a few days later, there is noticeable movement and the ‘gap’ is closing! I’m REALLY hopeful that, by May 22nd, the gap will be sufficiently closed so the brace can come off BUT Dr Clare has assured me that the top brace can come off regardless. Hurrah and an even bigger Huzzah!

Anyway – I’m posting this to urge anyone who has any doubts or concerns about their braces (and it’s effects – or lack thereof) to just mention these to your Orthodontist (maybe send a photo if you can). They’re ready to help you and set your mind at ease (and maybe put a new wire in for you). Don’t be afraid to say…


Fingers crossed my next blog post will be “The Great Brace Removal”!

Until next time! 🙂


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