The Great Braces Removal (Part One)

Hi folks!

So – today was a big day for me (but also one with a question mark hanging over it). Despite the valiant efforts of Dr Clare at the Lincoln Orthodontic Centre it was fairly evident to me that the gap on the bottom row of my teeth (while much smaller) was still ‘a gap’. With that in mind I went to my ‘braces removal’ appointment wondering if anything would actually happen today.

I was greeted as always by smiles and reassurance but it soon became clear that only the top braces were going to be able to come off today. After my initial disappointment I realised that, actually, I smile pretty much only with my top teeth so I was going to have a noticeably better smile regardless. Thus reassured I lay back for the ‘Great Brace Removal – Part One’ to commence.

I’m not going to lie and say it was the most comfortable experience of my life BUT it wasn’t painful. The lovely orthodontist explained each and every part of the process as she went along which meant I was never laid there thinking ‘what on earth are they doing’? I think the worst part of it was the rather alarming crunching sounds every time she snipped a ceramic bracket off my teeth. It sounded and almost felt like it was my tooth giving way! Once the brackets were off, the glue polished away and an impression taken of my teeth for the removable retainer I was finally able to look in a mirror for the first time….

teeth - part one

I was (and am) SO pleased! They look so straight and white – just how I’ve always wanted my teeth to look. And, just as I thought, when I smile you really can’t see that there are still braces on the bottom. Yay!

It will be AMAZING when I can finally have brace free teeth (sadly another 3 month wait for that) so I can eat some lovely crunchy things without worry BUT – for now – I’m very happy to have half of my teeth back and looking so dang fine! 🙂

See you on 21st August for the Great Braces Removal – Part 2!

Oh – and in case you wondered what they looked like before….

braces day 1 (2)


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