All over…bar the last retainer!

Hey folks! Well, today was the day – the last day, the day of reckoning (if you will!). Today the bottom braces definitely WOULD be coming off (as that annoying gap came together just a scant two weeks after the top braces came off – dang it!)

Although I vaguely remembered the crunching and worrying thud of the pliers cracking the ceramic brackets off my top teeth last time I have to confess my memory had definitely softened the experience. It’s the strangest thing when a bracket comes off – simultaneously concerning (though there’s no real reason for concern, after all it’s not your actual tooth that’s cracking!) and really exciting as they finally fall away.

There’s also nothing quite like that moment when all the brackets are off and you can let your lips fall back over your teeth for a minute or two (until the next part of the process starts). Where there have been brackets, wires, elastics for months and months now there’s just a little glue to be polished off and it feels wonderful!

Despite the sometimes uncomfortable process of having braces removed, Lincoln Orthodontics (and the lovely Kerryl and Vicky – especially today) are experts at making the whole thing seem easy – taking time to make sure you’re as relaxed as possible and feel fully confident in them and the process. In addition to this you may also be treated to an impromptu freestyle dance from Vicky (if ‘Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough’ comes on the radio while you’re there!) 😉

After taking impressions of my teeth for another retainer (I’m not relishing the idea of a new retainer but I’m very used to the first one now so I feel confident this one will follow suit), I was allowed to have a good rinse of my mouth and a little look see in the mirror.


I’m lucky that my bottom teeth don’t really show when I smile so I doubt many people will even realise that I even had a brace on them – let alone that I’ve just had one taken off. However, I can tell you that they feel great and it’s SO nice to finally get my teeth back.

In case I never need to add anything to my blog again (if all goes well I shouldn’t need to) thank you for joining me on my journey to straight teeth and I hope that you’ve found it useful if you’re considering getting braces or you’re currently wearing them.

Definitely one of the best decisions I ever made – and one of my best investments. Every photo of me now comes with a good toothy smile!

Many, MANY thanks also to Lincoln Orthodontics who have made the whole process feel much less scary than I thought it would be – you’re all ace! Thanks also for the beautiful flowers – but I still think I should be giving them to you! 😉



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