Gappy McGappyson!

Hi all!

I know, it’s been ages since I last blogged about my braces. Thing is, after a time, they become so familiar to you that they just don’t pull your focus anymore. However, there is a time that’s guaranteed to make you aware of them again – and that’s when you go to have your wires changed.

Today was “extra specially special” because not only did I have my wires changed but Mr Clare himself did some “extra specially special” ‘tweaking’ to my teeth to make them more symmetrical when they get pushed back together later on. I’ve got some larger gaps now because of it but the top front 6 teeth look fabbo individually 🙂

There was a bit of strong nudging to get the new wire around the bottom teeth but the staff are so lovely I never felt concerned.

There has been some really noticeable differences to my teeth since the braces were first installed and already some impact on my confidence levels when I smile too. Since starting the treatment I have become a certified Laughter Yoga Leader and one of the things you do a lot is laugh with all your teeth showing! Someone promoting my workshops asked for a photo of me to use and, for the first time EVER the photo I sent them shows me with my teeth (and braces) showing – and I’m amazingly fine with it!


If I can feel like this not even halfway through how incredible am I going to feel when the braces finally come off??!! I’ll be a human version of the Cheshire Cat!

Well – it’s also close to Christmas so, while I’ve got your attention, let me take the opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!






Hey folks!

It’s been ages since I last posted on my blog (which is a good sign as it means that my braces haven’t been pulling focus till now)! However, today (for seemingly no reason at all) the last bracket on the right of my top teeth is REALLY rubbing the inside of my cheek. Now why would it do that?

My braces have been on for nearly 4 months – I would have assumed that any rubbing that was going to happen would’ve happened by now (especially at the back where there hasn’t been that much movement). So why?

It’s actually a blessing for any family and friends as it only really hurts when I talk – so I’ll be pretty quiet till either a/ I develop tougher skin there or b/ something else moves and it stops rubbing. Either will do!

Apart from that I can report that things are going well with my braces. I’m slightly bored of them (and having to remind myself to watch what I eat, and clean after every meal) BUT the changes are so clear that I know it’s all going to be worth it!

Oh – and I’ve discovered that there’s a solidarity between brace wearers! If I see an adult wearing braces it’s a great conversation starter – “Ah, a fellow brace wearer! How goes it?” (It seems it brings the Victorian out in me too!!) 😉


Old wires out – new wires in!

First time back at the Orthodontist since I had my braces installed and I had little idea of what to expect. Would they just have a look, see how it was going, tell me off (or praise me) on my cleaning then send me off home?

Or would they (as I suspected) change my wires over, do a bit of adjustment then send me off home?

Or would they take the bottom front three brackets off, turn them upside down then glue them back on?!

Oddly enough they did the latter (as well as change my wires) and, I confess, I wouldn’t have guessed that as an outcome for my first appointment! 🙂

There is method in the madness (and it’s not mad at all really). I have crazily receding gums and by turning the brackets upside down there’s a hope that it’ll prevent the prescription from pulling the teeth further from my gums (or at least, that’s how I understand it). I like that they’re being so considerate of my teeth and gums, and trying to think of ways to make the end result the best it can be.

Only downside of the brackets being turned upside down is that I’ve now had a taster of what it feels like to have the things removed. WHAT an odd feeling! I can’t say painful exactly but it sure ain’t comfortable! A squeeze, some pressure then a disturbing crack/pop sound that sounds entirely wrong in your head and sent me off in a mild panic each time!

The orthodontist, Sarah, was very reassuring and talked me through the whole thing so I wasn’t as shocked as I might have been. She also took time to show me my old photos and noted where she thought the teeth were already starting to move. The staff at Lincoln Orthodontics really are very lovely – thank goodness!

So – I have a 10 week wait now till the next appointment – and another change of wires. At the moment the new wires are doing a grand job of putting my teeth under renewed pressure (I can definitely feel it!) so, hopefully, there’ll be even more to cheer about next time! 🙂


There one minute – gone the next!

Hi folks! This time next week I’ll be able to blog about my first visit to the Orthodontist since having my ‘brackety, bracey braces’ attached (strangely excited to see what happens and what they say). Until then though I have another teeth/mouth related anecdote to share with you.

Last Friday I woke up to a strange sensation in my mouth – the feel of my braces, which had become almost normal – suddenly felt alien and they seemed far too big. Very quickly a sore started on the inside of my left cheek that the wire of the braces kept nagging at every time I moved my mouth (to eat, speak or even smile). This was the first time I’d had any real pain with my braces and I was really worried. Things had moved in my mouth and now the braces were in a position that would hurt until they moved again. Within 24 hours the ulcer was so bad that I couldn’t even twitch my mouth without pain. I was at work and had to communicate so I ended up talking through gritted teeth! What to do??

A trip to Boots for advice on ulcers (and some more orthodontic wax) resulted in finding a fantastic spray called alcoclair. Bonjela never works for me but this stuff is great. Just a few hours after using it (and then a good nights sleep) the ulcer had gone right down and, mercifully, the wire was no longer catching on my skin.


I have no idea what changed – why my braces went from comfortable to uncomfortable then back to comfortable again within 48 hours BUT I’m glad I found a solution in case it happens again (and I have new found sympathy for those braces wearers who struggle much more with ulcers and sore – kudos!)


SUMMARY: Week 1 – Reports and sores!

A week on from my ‘installation’ and I’ve only just started getting properly sore areas in my mouth. I genuinely think it’s because I’m talking more now I’m back at work and so there’s far more chance of rubbing. I’ve applied some wax to the two most offending brackets (henceforth known as Perkins and Priscilla) and just lobbed a load of bonjela on the sores – YEOWZERS! To say it stings is something of an understatement – it canes! 😦

On the plus side I got my orthodontic report through the post (didn’t even know I was getting one so that was quite cool!)


Even though it wasn’t strictly (well, not even loosely really) about being marked on merit I was chuffed to read that I am an ‘excellent’ toothbrusher! Go me! (Silver linings and all that!)

excellen toothbrushing

What was most bizarre about the report was the photos of my teeth with my lips pulled out of the way. Seriously, they look like snapshots of some toothy sea creatures that are about to have a biting fight! Be afraid!

side shots

So – one week on, I’m getting used to them, most people have said they’re pretty subtle and I’m becoming accustomed to eating just 3 times a day, no snacking and really appreciate a lovely soft jacket potato.

Downsides – they’re a bit scratchy and, just today, have turned on my mouth with a vengeance (Perkins and Priscilla being the worst of the bunch – gits!), I can’t just eat what I want, whenever I want and I’m more mouth conscious than I’ve ever been. Still, as my sister says – endgame…endgame!


Day 3 – a little bit of pain

Good morning everyone!

2nd morning waking up with my braces and, for a few minutes at least, they were feeling a little less alien in my mouth. However, halfway through eating (well sucking really) my overnight oats I decided to try more of a chewing action and got a ‘sharp’ reminder how close my brackets are to the tender insides of my cheeks! Yeowch! So – for now at least – any serious chewing is off the menu.

I think this is the first time that I’ve actually felt any pain with my braces. The lower ones are fine but the upper (especially the outer brackets) are starting to rub. I’ve been assured that my mouth will adapt to become some kind of asbestos anti-rub miracle but I fear that may be someway off.

One of the lovely ladies at the Lincoln Orthodontic Centre told me about her experiences with braces and said that, 4 days in, she found herself sat on the stairs crying to her husband that she wanted her braces off! He managed to convince her otherwise, she stuck with it and now she has great teeth. I really must remember this and stick with it (I haven’t really got any other choice).

I must admit I have a new found respect for any teenagers with braces. It’s hard enough having them when you’re an adult (it’s honestly one of the bravest things I’ve ever done) but to have them when you have the pressures of School and the potential cruelty of other kids – amazing – I salute you all!

OK – I’m off to get some painkillers – same time tomorrow?? 😉