Gappy McGappyson!

Hi all!

I know, it’s been ages since I last blogged about my braces. Thing is, after a time, they become so familiar to you that they just don’t pull your focus anymore. However, there is a time that’s guaranteed to make you aware of them again – and that’s when you go to have your wires changed.

Today was “extra specially special” because not only did I have my wires changed but Mr Clare himself did some “extra specially special” ‘tweaking’ to my teeth to make them more symmetrical when they get pushed back together later on. I’ve got some larger gaps now because of it but the top front 6 teeth look fabbo individually 🙂

There was a bit of strong nudging to get the new wire around the bottom teeth but the staff are so lovely I never felt concerned.

There has been some really noticeable differences to my teeth since the braces were first installed and already some impact on my confidence levels when I smile too. Since starting the treatment I have become a certified Laughter Yoga Leader and one of the things you do a lot is laugh with all your teeth showing! Someone promoting my workshops asked for a photo of me to use and, for the first time EVER the photo I sent them shows me with my teeth (and braces) showing – and I’m amazingly fine with it!


If I can feel like this not even halfway through how incredible am I going to feel when the braces finally come off??!! I’ll be a human version of the Cheshire Cat!

Well – it’s also close to Christmas so, while I’ve got your attention, let me take the opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!





Day 5 -brace brushing grossness!

Well, it’s day 5 of the 18 month marathon that will be my ‘braces adventure’. I’m just starting to get used to them properly and, while conscious of them all the time, I’m beginning to see how they might just feel ‘normal’ after a while.

One thing I’m not used to yet is the ‘brushing ritual’ – or rather, what happens when I brush my teeth/braces. I am a real stickler for cleanliness (especially my teeth) so I’m brushing and flossing after every meal (and not snacking at all in between times). What gets me is that no matter how small the pieces of food are that I eat and no matter how much I try to chew them I still end up brushing out, what I consider to be, huge bits of food from behind and around my braces every time – ewww!

There are two possible solutions to this: put up with it or liquidise every single thing I eat until it’s akin to milkshake! 😉

Bearing in mind my penchant for potatoes and rice I think I may have to go the ‘put up and shut up’ route (though I love mash I think a soupy version of potatoes sounds less than appetising).

Sticking with the food theme I was surprised to discover that there are specialist cookbooks in America just for braces wearers. Most brilliantly, the publishers are metalmouth media (you can see all their resources here)! The US seems to be far more on the ball with resources etc for braces wearers.


On another less gross note, my teeth have been aching a lot today. I think that means they’ve stopped fighting and are allowing themselves to be moved! Come on teeth – you can do it!!