Things with my braces have settled down somewhat over the past few days. I’m getting used to my new eating habits, brushing my teeth every five minutes and having to unstick my lips from my braces if I have my mouth closed for too long (doesn’t happen often I can tell you!)

SO – in the interests of keeping this blog alive (I’m really enjoying writing it!) I’ve decided to look into braces a bit more – and share my discoveries with you lot! 🙂

You would think (well, I did) that braces would be a relatively new invention. Pre-photography and the dreaded phrase ‘say cheese’, why would anyone be too bothered about the straightness of their teeth? Especially when there were more pressing health matters to attend to – like staying alive during a plague or not dying during a routine tooth extraction.

However, if someone had said to me that there was an ancient race who DID value straight teeth I think I’d have guessed which one it was without even going near google….the Egyptians. Advanced in many ways and as much into their beauty routines as any Vogue reading teen, of course they would want straight teeth. And so, here is where we find (possibly) the world’s first braces!


Don’t they look attractive?! Makes you wonder though. What was better? Straight teeth or teeth without a load of gold wire wrapped crudely round them? I think I’d rather just keep my mouth shut!