Braces and boredom

Good morning all!

Day 11 and, while the pain is far lessened and there’s a definite sense of familiarity when I feel the braces in my mouth when I wake up – I confess to already feeling a bit, well….bored really.

Boredom wasn’t something I was anticipating. Pain, yes – discomfort, yes – but not pure boredom.

The thing is about fixed braces – there’s no let up. You can’t just say, oh I’ll take these out for a minute just to give myself a break (or while I eat a massive crusty piece of bread). They’re just there. Familiar now but conspicuous nonetheless. I’ve read a few other blogs recently and there are a few people who have said that they were sad when the day came to take their braces off. Now, I’m prepared to eat my words (sprinkled in chopped nuts with a juicy crisp apple for pudding) if I get to that day and I say the same thing but I REALLY can’t see that happening. I think I will have a ‘braces off’ party on the day mine come off!

Actually – here’s an idea – a “braces off – braces on” party – everyone comes wearing a pair of braces (trouser suspenders) and we spend the whole evening having a right cockney knees up and twanging our braces! 🙂 What say y’all?!