Addendum – cake achieved!

So – I went to my very favourite eatery today with my mum. It’s a lovely vegan/vegetarian cafe in Lincoln called Cafe Shanti and is run by Lincs2Nepal.

The food there is sublime and (most importantly for me at the moment) their soup is VERY well blended! 😉

I went, fully expecting to just have my usual soup (with soaked bread) and maybe some ice-cream after BUT Mum was convinced I could manage cake (with ice-cream) so I rose gallantly to the challenge!

Turns out that vegan caramel cake with ice-cream goes down surprisingly well! The ice-cream is an absolute necessity as it helps the cake crumbs to go down your throat easier – honestly THAT’S the real reason to have ice-cream too! 😉

So – cake (as long as it’s accompanied by ice-cream) is achievable! This brace-wearing malarkey is looking up!