Whose teeth are these?

As things settle down and the braces become part of every day life I’m finding fewer reasons to blog HOWEVER – over the past few days, since my new wires were put in, something odd has happened.

The braces have made such a difference to my teeth that they now almost don’t feel like mine anymore! They meet in places they didn’t used to meet, there are gaps where there didn’t used to be gaps, they seem to get in the way of each other a little bit and (most excitingly) my overbite appears to be quite a bit less!

Now, bearing in mind we’re only just under 3 months into this 18 month process, I’m really surprised by the changes so far. I had a look back at my old photos (taken on the day that the braces were installed) and there have been really noticeable changes! Yay!

So – things ARE happening…and they can only be for the good. I have a LOT of weeks to wait till my next appointment but I’m already (strangely) excited about it and what comes next. I’m hugely impatient so obviously I want it all finished now and to be able to see the results yesterday. However, seeing the changes so far is very encouraging – bring it on!!





If the wind changes, you’ll stay like that!

Day 13 – nearly 2 weeks since the oft talked of braces were attached to my pearly whites – and, they were right. I HAVE got used to them. I mean I’m not saying that I love them or anything, I’ve not taken leave of my senses BUT now, there are more times than not when I’m not really thinking about them (does that sentence actually make sense? Have I thrown in a few double negatives right there?!)

However, there is one problem with forgetting that you have braces in your mouth…you keep getting stuck to them! As I’m not constantly working my lips round the offending bracket and wire combo anymore, things naturally become a little dry. I can be sat comfortably, quietly, my lips sealed for quite some time then….I’ll need to yawn or say something and it feels like my lips have to almost disengage with my mouth furniture. In my head I imagine imprints of my braces on the insides of my lips – such is their adherence to them.

It’s an odd sensation but a very temporary one. Hopefully it won’t lead to any surreal nightmarish dreams of Neo-style mouth glue incidents! YIKES!