A new ‘can’t do’ (kind of!)

Here’s a thing I hadn’t thought of until today – social eating with braces (or, at least, the challenges that lie therein)!

I work at the University of Lincoln in the HR Department and I think all of my colleagues would agree that we’re pretty much ‘food-based’ as far as motivation and spikes of daily happiness goes. There are always cakes and biscuits on hand, and there’s rarely a day goes by without someone talking about food in intense detail while others listen on with rapt looks upon their faces (and often a tiny dribble of saliva down their chins!)

I do reasonably well in this environment as the food, while ever present, isn’t compulsory so, as a vegan and now a vegan braces wearer, I can enjoy watching others indulge while I carry on working and drink my herbal tea.

Well, I thought I was doing really well until – duh duh duh DUH – the social meal reared it’s head! We like to celebrate our achievements in the department and what better way than with our favourite thing – FOOD! Two email invites came through today – one to Pizza Hut and another to Doddington Hall for a (lah dee dah) afternoon tea. These emails were swiftly followed up by one just for me from our extremely thoughtful organiser of such events, who informed me that Pizza Hut could do me a vegan pizza and Doddington Hall could do me ‘dainty’ sandwiches with: hummus and caramelised onion, cucumber and pepper and pesto. Very kind (thank you Katie).

However, those who have been following my blog (and thank you very much if you have) can probably already see the challenges inherent in this…..

Pizza? Not with these chompers!

Hummus and caramelised onion (erm…caramelised onion – here are my braces please proceed to wrap yourself around them at your leisure!) Cucumber – I’ll be finding bits of that for hours afterwards. Pesto – hello pesky green bits and nut shards!

IF I could attempt these at home I could at least take my time (and it would be a LONG time – 45 minutes to eat a Nakd bar just to give you a benchmark!) and I could potentially do some chewing with my mouth open (ewww!) But in semi-polite company (sorry guys – can’t go the complete ‘polite’ I know you too well!) I can’t bring myself to do it.

So – the upshot is – I’m not joining in with Pizza (it just wouldn’t be fun for me) however, I AM going to Doddington Hall and I’ve asked for plain hummus sandwiches and a chocolate muffin (I’ll smuggle in some soya cream so I can soak it through and make it even easier to eat).

What a palaver – thank goodness I’m not free on the day of the Christmas meal – I could be there for DAYS!


Chocolate muffins – what a hardship! 😉