Day 4 – teaspoons and P’s!

Hi all,

4th day wearing the mini lego bricks that are my braces – and the mini-challenges continue!

Things I Can’t Do:

  • Purse my lips (believe me – you do it more than you think!)
  • Say a convincing ‘P’
  • Spit out mouthwash without dribbling
  • Eat with a spoon bigger than a teaspoon
  • Whistle (although I couldn’t do that brilliantly before to be fair)
  • Eat cake (wah!)
  • Chew – though that possibly has more to do with some resin that was put on my back teeth to stop me biting my bracesĀ  (I’m literally swallowing everything straight down – sorry stomach)

Things I Have Eaten (relatively easily):

  • Jacket potato and hummus (no skin)
  • Broccoli and Potato soup (blended) with tiny bits of soaked bread
  • Risotto (but eschew the peas next time – far too tricky!)
  • Overnight oats
  • Weetabix
  • Smoothie
  • Sorbet

My lips are also starting to adhere to my braces a bit as they are now completely relaxed. If I don’t talk for a bit (there ARE times when I’m quiet!) they all get a bit stuck together and it smarts to prise them apart.

On the whole – I’m coping with them and, dare I say, I’m getting a bit more used to them. Still can’t quite imagine them becoming ‘a part of me’ (which is what I’ve been assured will happen) but at least I’m not crying or looking for a pair of pliers!